Monday, January 6, 2014

Meteotsunami In Portugal or meteo-tsunami The earth is reeling like a drunkard - weird weather intensifies !

Western Europe should be reached early this week by an unusual storm with large waves. The “Black Swell” meteotsunami- as it was christened by the storm surfing community – begins to sweep the British Isles, Ireland and Portugal from noon. The predictions of strong sea waves are painting all coastal districts to red, the most serious warning of the scale of the four Portuguese Institute of Ocean and Atmosphere (IPMA). In the Azores, the situation is equally worrying, with the IPMA pointing waves of 10 meters, which puts seven islands of the Central and Western groups also in red. 
 The UK, Ireland and Europe have been getting hammered this winter with storms.  I don’t ever remember them getting hit by so many in such a short amount of time.  It’s been literally one after another.  Absolutely incredible.  There has been much flooding and even deaths associated with these storms.  Stay informed and know what is happening n your area

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